Stars of the same generation! Reasons for opening Masahiro Tanaka’s “Tanaka YouTube channel” after returning to Rakuten

マー君チャンネルのサムネ 賢いファミリーライフ知恵袋

Ma, who is a dad of two children and has returned to Rakuten from Major League Baseball for the first time in seven years, has opened a Tanaka youtubechannel! I’m happy as a generation! I have summarized the thoughts that Ma started the “tanaka youtubechannel”.


Explaining why Masahiro Tanaka started “Tanaka YouTube channel”

・ Support from senior Darvish
・ I want to deliver to people who do not know me
・ I want to convey baseball skills
・ I want to send out what I like

Darvish has been recommending the opening of the “Tanaka YouTube channel” for two years.


Tanaka has been recommended to open the Darvish pitcher “Tanaka YouTube channel” for two years.

As you know, Darvish has more than 550,000 registered players (as of February 2021).
Operates YouTube.

In this scene, he said that he was persistently recommended by pitcher Yu Darvish.

It is also known on YouTube that Darvish pitcher’s mansion also has a basketball court.

I want people who do not know me to know on the “Tanaka YouTube channel”


Certainly when I’ve been in Major League Baseball for 7 years
I only have the opportunity to watch it during the season interviews or on TV shows that appear off.

For example, when Tanaka won 24 consecutive wins at Rakuten
The current high school baseball students in the first to third grades are in the upper grades of elementary school (9 to 11 years old).

He will play an active part in the Japanese sphere again and want to be supported by a wide range of generations.

I want to convey my pitching on the “Tanaka YouTube channel”

He will explain his pitching on the “Tanaka YouTube channel”
I’m looking forward to the video of installing a 360-degree camera and watching the pitching motion.

I want to show the personal part on “Tanaka YouTube channel” (Good point of YouTube)


The good thing about YouTube is that you can tell what you like.
Tanaka will also send out what he likes on the “Tanaka YouTube channel”.

In the golf showdown, he faced off against a super-big game. As of 9:00 on February 2, 2021, it is still
It’s not open to the public, but golf lovers must see who they are playing with.

This video was the scene that made me smile, and I have a feeling that the number of collaboration videos will increase.

2021 creates a whirlwind with “Tanaka YouTube channel”

As Tanaka returned to the Japanese baseball world for the first time in seven years and opened the “Tanaka YouTube channel”
In addition, it is inevitable that the baseball world will flourish! Heaven

While there are pitchers who change their pitching style with majors and return to the Japanese baseball world

“Active crunchy” The strongest split on the fastest 158km straight
Tanaka, who has won a total of 177 wins in Japan and the United States (99 wins at Rakuten + 78 wins at the Yankees)

I’m really looking forward to seeing how to put down that strongest Softbank Hawks.

Rakuten is equipped with the 2021 season “Tanaka, Wakui, Kishi, Norimoto’s” total 538 wins quartet “.

In 2020, he settled in 4th place, but if the pitchers pull this season, it will be the first time in 10 years since the earthquake.
Aim for victory.

Tanaka’s success in Japan from 2021, “Tanaka YouTube channel” will inspire you!